Nelson Morales Jr.

Nelson Morales Jr. is a self-taught Portrait and Lifestyle photographer and videographer based in the New York City area making magic every time on camera while capturing extraordinary scenes.

I started shooting at a young age and then continued it into college where my skills were honed at the campus newspaper. After I graduated I started to focus on photography as a way to get myself active while on the job hunt which I also got into filming video not long after. Soon I met a community of creatives where I got to improve my photography and video work overtime as well as reaching out to other photographers and models using social media. 


The end result is collaborating with other creatives in NYC and across the country such as in Chicago, LA, DC, and Miami; Improving my skills year after year, and building a massive portfolio that has been the subject of praise every time I show my work or when someone comes across my Instagram or this very website. In 2020 I had my work published in an online magazine, the first publication since college, but definitely not the last. 

I'm hoping to take my photography and video work to new levels and seek opportunities. If you want to work or collaborate with me, click the button below to send me an email, call me, or connect on social media.



Below is a compilation video I made in 2017 just to get a taste of some of my video work.