About Nelson Morales Jr. Photographer, Videographer, Household Pet. 

My name is Nelson Morales Jr. and I am a photographer and videographer based in the New York City area specializing in portrait and still life with aspirations to break into fashion, beauty, and advertising.


I have worked with a few influencers, bloggers, and unsigned artists on top of doing several personal shoots/projects in the past couple of years. My main goal is to use my photo and video taking skills to one day have a gallery show, commercial work, and images/video featured on a publication or website.


Although based in the NYC area, I have traveled to other parts of the US such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles to connect with other creatives and shoot when needed. I graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies.


If you want to work or collaborate with me, click the button below to send me an email, call me, or connect on social media.



Below is a compilation video I made in 2017 just to get a taste of some of my work. 

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New York, NY  |  nelsonmo170@gmail.com  |  (732)  725-7117

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